5 fun things to do with your iphone 4 while at the dmv

The awesome thing about the iPhone 4 is the number of cool things one can do with the mobile while at all sorts of places, like when waiting at the dreaded and miserable DMV. Below we look at five such things.
1. Bust Out The Video App - head to YouTube and look for the “Fuel TV” channel. These guys are nuts and make for an interesting and enjoyable way to pass some time. Anything you can think to shred will be on this channel, just do a search. Before you go elsewhere, be sure to watch the iPad on a Skateboard get shredded to bits and pieces.
2. Stumble - as in stumble upon sites at StumbleUpon.com, this cool site lets you surf a bunch of websites and blogs with one click based on terms you choose. Into French cooking? Type this into the search field and only sites tagged with this term and rated highly by other members will show up on your screen. Just another cool thing you can do with the mighty mighty iPhone 4 while stranded at the department of motor vehicles, otherwise known as the DMV.
3. Play - if you’ve had your iPhone 4 for some time, you most likely have a favorite game you like to play. Don’t get that one out, instead find a new one and try that one for a change. Look from the free game section or heck go all out and head to the paid section, just pick something you’ve not played before. Maybe disc golf? Angry Birds? or something from the featured section.
4. Go Shopping - stick it to them good by going on a wild and hefty shopping spree from the comfort of your cell phone and chair. For the ladies, visit Zappos.com the shoe store and stock up on those Manolo Blahniks you’ve been coveting for the past few weeks. For the guys, head on over to Best Buy and get yourself the latest and greatest video game or laptop accessory. In no time at all, you could do some serious damage with your CC.